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Terms and Conditions of Rental

Requirements for the Renter:

The renter and any additional drivers must be over 19 years of age and have at least 5 months of driving experience, with the exception of drivers aged 30 years or older.

The renter and any additional drivers must have valid documents: passport and driver's license. In case the client provides a driving license which is  NOT applied on Vienna convention on road traffic, he must provide an international driving license or a legalized translation of the original driving license (original driving license). must always be provided). An international driver's license can be applied for and obtained online.

Partial or full prepayment of the rental price must be made upon booking, and the remaining amount must be paid upon receipt of the car. Upon receipt of the car, you must also pay a deposit of 100,000 AMD.

Identification documents and driving license must be valid for the entire rental period.

What the rental price includes:

Third-party liability insurance

Standard CDW + TP coverage

Full vignette (road tax) for Armenia

Unlimited distance

Winter tires (1 November – 31 March)

Replacement car if the rental breaks down due to normal wear and tear or a factory defect

Free cancellation (up to 72 hours before rental)

20% VAT

Any fees for paying by Visa or Mastercard are included in the price

Rental Period

Minimum rental period: 24 hours. If a customer makes an enquiry for a period shorter than 24 hours, the rental price will be calculated for a full 24 hours. If the car is returned after the agreed period the customer will be charged as follows: up to 30 min.– free of charge

1 to 4 hours – two rental days; 5 to 24 whole deposit

In the latter case, the company is obliged to contact the police by filing a statement to seize the car.


The car is provided with a full tank and, according to the contract, must be returned with a full tank. If the car is not returned with a full tank, the customer will pay a "missing fuel" charge of 600AMD per liter and an administrative charge of 10.000AMD, except where they have paid the “Prepaid Fuel” charge.

Electric vehicles are provided with a charge of 80% to 90%. If the vehicle is returned with less than it was given, the customer has to pay for the missing electric power per each % 200AMD and administrative fee of 5000AMD.

Security Deposit

When renting a car, the Rentee must put down a deposit by a debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express , Maestro, Mir) issued in their name or by cash. The card must be valid at least until the end of the rental period. The deposit is valid for 30 working days after the start of the rental. If the rent lasts more than 25 days, the RENTER is obliged to visit the nearest office of the company, before the 25th day from the start of the tenancy.

Cash deposit will be returned immediately after the vehicle has been technically inspected and there is no damage.

Credit/Debit Card Pre-Authorization and Cancellation of Pre-Authorization:

On the day you pick up the car, the deposit amount will be blocked (pre-authorized) on your credit/debit card and then unblocked (the pre-authorization will be cancelled during 30 banking days).

Method of Payment


Renter must pay In advance for the rental at the rental desk. Payment may be made by Visa, Mastercard or in cash. Payment in cash is accepted only Armenian Dram ( AMD).

Payments are made in Armenian Drams at the moment of Exchange rate of Acba Bank.

Coverage and Insurance and rules

Liability to third parties is included in the price and is mandatory in Armenia.

– waiver of damage in the event of a collision or protection against theft up to the amount of the deposit. Valid only if a traffic police report is provided when returning documents and keys to the rented car. Void if the driver has consumed drugs, alcohol or other intoxicating substances or has committed a traffic violation. Included in the rental price.

The full coverage fee limits the RENTER's liability for damage to the exterior of the vehicle, fire or theft, subject to the General Conditions of the Rental Agreement.

In the case of standard/full insurance, the client must stop the vehicle, call the emergency number (provided in the rental agreement) if the vehicle is damaged, otherwise all responsibility remains with the client and the insurance will not be valid.

Standard/Comprehensive insurance will not be valid when the vehicle is returned.

The Express Car team strongly recommends filming all damage (internal, external) to the rented car, checking the technical protocol and saving it until the end of the rental period, if the video is not used at the time of returning the car. the technical protocol will be the only basis for the damage protocol

The client will be fined 50,000 drams for each damaged part, 40,000 drams for damage to the interior and 30000 drams for the loss of car accessories (carpet, keys and other components).

If the customer pays with a virtual card, NFC or Apple Pay, he/she must provide the physical card to the express car rental manager, otherwise the payment will not be accepted and the customer will only be allowed to pay in cash.

Vehicles will be provided clean and the customer must return the vehicle clean. If the car was returned dirty (no damage recognized), the buyer should wait until the car is washed (10-20 minutes) and accepted.

Attention: Calculate the return time at the airport if the car is dirty so as not to be late from your flight (washing will take about 20 minutes)

Depending on the dirtiness of the interior and exterior, the rental agent is responsible for cleaning in the amount of 5000-10000 AMD.

Please do not place your feet on the car guards or seats.

The client is allowed to cross the border only with Georgia. The border crossing fee is 28,000 drams for the entire period. The client must be notified in advance, otherwise the deposit will be withdrawn in full.

At the Georgian-Armenian border, a coaster must buy Georgian insurance in the amount of 6,000 drams.

Vehicles are prohibited from driving off-road. If the GPS shows that the client is driving off-road, the deposit will be withdrawn in full

• If a wheel is damaged, the customer must replace it with a spare one, repair the wheel in the garage and replace the repaired wheel.

• In case of technical damage, problem: the client must immediately stop the vehicle and contact the emergency number specified in the contract. He is not permitted to move the vehicle without permission from an Express Car Rental representative.

• In the event of technical damage in Georgia, after notifying an Express car Rent representative, the customer must have the vehicle repaired and receive compensation upon return of the vehicle (receipt required) if the damage is due to normal wear and tear.

• disputes between clients and the company are resolved through negotiations or by order of Armenia

• All types of disagreements must be resolved between the Renter and an Express Car rent representative or in the presence of the police. Brokerage companies, travel agencies or other partners with whom the client reserved the car do not have the right to intervene in the conflict.

• Vehicles must be washed at wash stations only, they cannot be washed at automatic wash stations and self wash services if recognized by the rental agent (scratch, dry wash, stains from self wash) will be charged the entire deposit.


• The paid amount is not refunded if the car is returned before the contract period.

No Show

If the Rentee does not show to pick up their booked car within 1.5 hours after the agreed rental time, the booking will be considered cancelled, and the customer owes a penalty in the full amount of the delivery fee and 15% of the reservation amount, but not less than one rental day. Additional services included in the reservation are not included in the penalty. “No show” means a situation where the Rentee:

wishes to cancel the booking, but does not notify us before the rental period starts;

is, for some reason, unable to pick up the car at the agreed date and time and fails to notify the Renter thereof. Exceptions are made for Rentees who have indicated that they will arrive by airplane and have provided the flight number, and they show up late due to a delayed flight;

fails to provide a valid ID card, driving license, international driving license, which are required when the car is picked up;

does not have sufficient funds to pay the full price of the booking and/or is unable to put down the deposit required for the relevant car class.

The Rentee may make changes to the booking by email request or by calling our head office. Confirmed bookings can be changed free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period.

If the rental period is changed, the rental price will be recalculated at the current prices for the new period.


Booking Change/Extension after Start of Rental Period

If the Renter wishes to extend their booking, they must request this in writing, at least 48 hours before the expiration of the contract. The extension of the term of the contract and, accordingly, the Rentee’s use of the car will only become valid upon receipt of written confirmation from the Renter and if payment for the extension is made within 24 hours after confirmation for the extension. When extending a booking, the price is calculated according to the current price list, based on the total number of rental days. We recommend you ask for an extension of your booking as early as possible due to the risk of running out of stock. If the customer does not pay for the extension before the expiration of their current contract, they may be subject to the penalties for delay specified in the Terms and Conditions of the rental contract.



IMPORTANT: After the Renter confirms the rental may be extended, the Rentee must pay for the additional rental days within 24 hours of receipt of the confirmation to confirm the extension of the contract. The extension will be confirmed only after payment is received within the period mentioned above, but no later than the date and time until which the contract is valid. After making the payment, the necessary documents will be available at the office where the car was provided. Express Car Rent is not responsible for any consequences if the customer fails to show to pick up the documents.

Responsibilities of Rentee:

To comply with the Road Traffic Act

To ensure the safety and security of the rented car

To keep the car securely locked

To return the car within the period specified in the rental contract

To pay any fines issued by the Traffic Police and the Police

To pay all costs in case of an accident or theft (if the Full coverage option has not been purchased and the conditions of the rental contract have not been met)

To cover the cost of any lost parts, accessories, keys, documents and registration plates, etc. according to the price list

To pay a fee for smoking in the car and cover the cost of dry cleaning the interior in case of substantial contamination

To cover the rental costs for the entire period of non-use of the car, if it is taken off the road by traffic police due to a traffic offence committed by the Rentee


Special rules that every tenant should know

1. The maximum speed in cities, towns, villages is 60 km/h, outside cities, towns, villages is 90 km/h, the speed limit is 10 km/h (he/she must also follow the speed signs).

2. At each intersection the Customer can find a camera; crossing stop lines and solid lines is prohibited.

3. Speed cameras can be found throughout Armenia. For every speeding violation you will receive a fine from the police by mail.

4. In Yerevan, you can see red dotted lines on the roads, which means that parking is paid.

5. If the police stop a vehicle, the client must present a driver’s license and vehicle registration certificate.